streamiumd home page

streamiumd is a self-contained server that you can use on your linux machine to serve mp3 files to your Philips Streamium device(s). Tested only on the MC-i250, but the MC-i200 should work as well as some others.
streamiumd is based on Nathan Peterson's excellent hacking and code.

Download version 1.0 here - requires Perl and MP3::Info

streamiumd is free software!

After using and enhancing streamiumd in my home for a couple of years, and being nagged by my own conscience for about a year now, I've finally decided to make streamiumd the first thing that I've "given back" to the Open Source community.

To install, simply download the file from the above link, make sure it's chmod 700 (at least), and run it. Minimally "streamiumd /path/to/your/mp3s". You may also want to put it in your /etc/rc.local or equivalent, so it starts up whenever the linux machine starts.


Advanced Tricks / Examples:

Start the server, make it show up as "Living Room", and serve mp3s from /home/dave/mp3s:
./streamiumd -d "Living Room" /home/dave/mp3s

Start the server, make it show up as "Basement", serve mp3s from /home/shared/mp3s, and stream mp3s on port 8081 (note: separate port #s are NOT required if running on multiple servers, but you probably want to change the names)
./streamiumd -d "Basement" -p 8081 /home/shared/mp3s

The same, but watch it in action (don't daemonize.. useful for testing)
./streamiumd -d "Basement" -p 8081 /home/shared/mp3s -n

Set up some internet radio stations in an m3u playlist:
First, create a file with contents like those in this example file
* Note: I'm including a visual of the file here, but word wrap will probably mess things up..
#EXTINF:-1,HMB - Information (D I G I T A L L Y - I M P O R T E D - Future Synthpop - Finest selection of futurepop and synthpop!!) long as the urls begin with "http:", streamiumd will tell your Streamium devices the url. The "-1" above is the song length.. I suggest leaving it at -1. The "HMB - Information (D I G I T A "... is the description that will show up when browsing with the Streamium. I suggest changing it to something you find memorable. Also note that the Streamium device will probably truncate the description to 32 characters.
I pulled the url above from a ".pls" file that I got from Hope I'm not violating any copyright laws or anything...